Classroom (In)Sight entry form

As part of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning’s Inclusive Teaching at Princeton series, all students are invited to submit photographs that narrate the space of their classrooms; photos that find a way to interpret the space through their own particular perspective. We are looking for photographs that engage aesthetically with the space and tell a story, one that evokes the photographer’s lived experience of it.

Experimentation and creative composition is welcome, but there are some important ground rules for participants:

  • You must get permission from the course instructor to take photographs during a class period
  • Individuals age 18 or older do not need to sign an appearance release form to appear in a photo on a University website or publication. The University requires signed release forms for photography of any person younger than 18 who is clearly recognizable; a parent or legal guardian must sign the child/ward release form (.pdf). Please consider subjects’ safety (particularly in labs and in construction) and privacy (particularly in residential areas) when taking photos.Link to child/ward release form:

The deadline has been extended to April 21st, 2017.

Up to five images may be uploaded for entry.

Visit our FAQ for image related questions.

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